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Last weekend I had the pleasure of learning from Lauren Zumwalt about the art of Sourdough bread making. So I gave it a try this weekend and I am really proud of how it turned out. She is teaching again soon! Go check her out at Rahoma Grains.

Amanda M.

Thank you so much, Lauren, for the wonderful hospitality, instruction, tips, and information!!! I just made my first two loaves of rosemary, lemon sourdough! šŸ˜¬ Kefir and kombucha coming next week!! Thank you for sharing your story. I am so thankful for discovering you and cultured foods!!

Cheryl S.

Awesome class, Lauren!

Pam R.

[My husband] and I took this class. We had a wonderful afternoon and learned life skills! My husband now maintains a sourdough starter and bakes sourdough bread weekly. Lucky wife right here! As a result of the class, I started making my own kefir. We enjoy kefir smoothies daily. Many thanks to Lauren Zumwalt at Rasberry Greene and Rahoma Grains.

Sherri T.

Iā€™m obsessed! Thank you again for the sourdough class!

Tammy R.

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